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Two of the better neck knives on the market, head to head.

La Griffe's sheath offers a better fit and a higher level of retention.
The SPOT boasts a better method of attaching to whatever necklace you choose, decreasing the likelyhood of the knife twisting around backwards.

Anyone see a trend developing in my collection?

The inner diameter of both holes is roughly the same but La Griffe appears to have a much larger
hole in this picture simply because of my finger placement.

For the extreme in knife retention, you can slip your pinky into the skeletonized handle.
I find this to be just fine in terms of comfort, but it's obviously not a grip to be used for utility but for...
social purposes...
This grip not only allows the knife to be fully retained with an open grip, it allows the butt to become a striking surface.

Here's my major beef with the piece that I received.
The Micarta clearly wasn't finished on the inside of the skeletonized handle.
The inside of the scales don't sit flush with the steel at all, are extremely rough and grainy,
and there is glue residue here and there throughout the inside of the handle.
I don't know if they are all coming from the factory like this or if mine slipped through the cracks.
I hope the latter, as worksmanship like this certainly isn't what Spyderco should be known for.