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SpyderCo offers a wide array of models with handles composed of fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN).

The FRN models tend to have the highest sales due to their lower cost.

Contrary to what many believe, the handles aren't just "cheap plastic:" FRN Spydies will take anything you throw at them!


The sheath pictured with the Delica is from Concealed Carry Clothiers


--click on any knife for a larger image--


2" AUS-8 Blade

(I don't really like combo

edges, but the Ladybug

only comes in this format.)

Ladybug II

2" AUS-8 Sheepsfoot Blade




C11 - Delica

3" ATS-55 Blade

(I modified the handle

slightly with a Dremel.)

C41 - Native

3" CPM-440V Blade

C29 - Pink Cricket

2" ATS-55 Blade

(Now discontinued.)

C35 - "Q"

2.5" 440C blade

(Now discontinued.)

C08 - Merlin

2.9" ATS-55 Blade

(Notice the Boye dent in the

lock to help prevent

accidental closings.)

C26 - Snap-It

3" AUS-8 Sheepsfoot Blade

Oversized hole and kraton

inlays aid gloved grip.

C10 - Endura

4" GIN-1 Blade

(Old style with plastic clip)

FB02 - Moran Drop Point

4" VG-10 Blade

Kydex sheath

C52 - Calypso Jr.

3" VG-10 Blade

(Now discontinued.)

FB04 - Perrin

5" VG-10 Blade

Kydex sheath


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